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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TOP cash back offers

{EAV_BLOG_VER:1e4dddcedff39b17}     We do talk about this a fair bit – but then, we feel this is something to be very proud about. In fact, we’ll say it again - at Top Cashback we are the UK’s Most Generous Website.

But what exactly do we mean by this ? Well, when we launched, we were the only site to offer 100% of your cashback back to you whilst not charging any admin fees whatsoever – and this is still true today.

What is more, we are so determined to maintain our crown as the UK’s Most Generous Cashback site, we have continued to offer a better and better deal to our members whenever we can. We always ensure that we offer the best end deal to our cashback members.

Thanks to our members, we are now one of the largest cashback sites in the world. This means that we tend to get the best cashback deals from our merchants.

In fact, we are so certain of our competitiveness, we have introduced a ‘Highest Cashback Guarantee’. In the unlikely event that another cashback site has managed to negotiate a higher cashback rate with any retailer, then we will refund the difference out of our own funds (even though any other site is likely to charge an admin fee).

Even better, we now reward our loyal members for their… well, loyalty . Based on your cashback earnings in any particular month, you can now earn up to 110% cashback on your purchases in the following month.

Earn yourself a chic 10% cashback with New Look. Check out their HOT new ranges or still pick up a bargain in their sale, where you can save up to a fabulous 70%!

Strike whilst the iron is hot and you can also use our New Look voucher code to get £15 off when you spend over £60. You will also get FREE delivery; you can't complain at that...So what are waiting for? Get Cashback

Vodafone cashback can be earned by simply clicking through to Vodafone and shopping on the Vodafone website as you normally would.

Vodafone is the biggest mobile phone network in the world. Vodafone have pioneered the development of 3G products and services and are number 1 in the UK with regards to coverage. Earn Vodafone cashback today.

For those who don't know its pretty simple instead of going to your usual site to do your online shopping, you go via the cashback site and get paid a % of what you here to sign up