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Thursday, 20 November 2014

How To Earn With GoldMineAds

What is GoldMine Ads? 

GoldMine Ads sells advertising and shares revenues with the advertisers. Revenues are shared in four different ways: 

*When you purchase Revenue Shares, you earn on those shares every day that there are revenue shares purchased. 

*When you purchase Cyclers, you earn when your position cycles, doubling your spend PLUS other benefits. 

*When you stake your claim, you are entitled to share a portion of every other claim purchased after yours. 

*And you earn 10% of every purchase that your first level referrals make 

How to Earn as a Free Member 

You may sign up and stay a free member, and just refer others to the program, and earn 10% on every purchase that they make. 

Recommended Upgrades 

If you want to advertise and share in the profits, you must first stake your claim ($5 / month) before you can purchase advertising. At present, advertising options range from $2 to $10, depending on various factors. 

GoldMine Ads Strategy 

Since the program is based on advertisement sales, it is encouraged, and you are richly rewarded, for advertising! The more advertising purchases you make, the greater your earning potential becomes: The revenue shares you purchase will receive daily earnings, any days that there are purchases and revenues to share. The $3 Revenue Share will expire when it reaches $4.50 in earnings. The $5 Revenue Share will expire when it reaches $8 in earnings. The $7 Revenue Share will expire when it reaches $11.90 in earnings. Moreover you can earn from cyclers: Each cycler you purchase will pay you double the purchase price PLUS other incentives when your 2X2 company-forced matrix is filled. The $2 Cycler will pay you $4 plus you will receive 1 - $3 Revenue Share. The $6 Cycler will pay you $12 plus you will receive 1 - $3 Revenue Share plus 1 - $2 Cycler. The $10 Cycler will pay you $20 plus you will receive 1 - $5 Revenue Share plus 1 - $2 Cycler. 

To raise your income, step by step, it is strongly recommended to reinvest a percentage of your revenues.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

#BLOGGERS #EBAY sellers Whatever you are promoting online you need this!

If you use traffic exchanges and don't use Easy Hits 4U, I don't know why not... They are very reputable and have been around for years. Their membership base boasts about three quarters a million. Of course, not all those members are active, but they do have a significant active membership base. Often at peak hours when I surf there are over 2000 active members on the network. Even at  non-peak times there are never fewer than 500 people surfing in my own personal experience. When you consider many traffic exchanges have only a couple dozen or even a couple hundred active members surfing at any given time, Easy Hits 4U is significantly better on this alone.You can use the credits you earn in a number of ways, promote your blog posts(you can even get geo targeted traffic from a specified country) or maybe you wish to promote your affiliate links,some people even promote items on E-Bay.

* Thousands of active members surfing at any given time means more exposure and unique hits for your website, resulting in more progress

* Hundreds (if not thousands) of new members weekly echoes the previous statement

 * Ability to geo-target your hits

 * High surf ratio

 * Great referral incentives and bonuses

 * Guaranteed bonuses (when you click on the bonus page) every x number of page views (the first hundred views gives a bonus every 25 pages)

 * A small amount of extra spending change every month while you promote your main bonus, a nice little incentive (every 1000 page views you earn 30 cents, or 3 cents every 100 page views, and it doesn't have to be in one session)

 * Great security system for assuring sites are safe to surf

 * Surfing contests

 * Payout is only at $3.00, so it's very attainable and they pay within hours

 * Active and real time stats displayed in your surf window so you can keep track of how many sites you've viewed daily, how many credits you've earned, etc. Bonuses:

 * 10 cents per referral ... Doesn't sound like much? If you're great at referring and can just get 5 members per week, this equates to $2 per month from referral efforts alone. Stack on top of that how much you earn from surfing. Chump change just for promoting your best opportunities and getting dozens of referrals for THAT each week!

 * Surf drawing tickets to win a daily prize. (Note: with this you don't need to surf a billion sites to be in the running like at some TE's. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win) In Summary Free traffic certainly sounds good to me. If they want to pay me a small amount to do it, hey even better! The Best Traffic Exchange

Friday, 21 September 2012

A simple Add-on that earns you money each day

Topline is a browser add-on for your browser that rewards you for your time you spend surfing the web.By installing this extension to your Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser you generate points that convert to cash.With the Topline add-on installed you will start earning real money by surfing as you usually do without noticing any difference.The concept of earning money with Topline is simple:
 After you download the Topline extension you will start earning from Toplines ad network revenue share because this add-on replaces advertisements on the web pages you visit with the Topline network advertisements. Advertisers pay them,and Topline shares that revenue with you.

 How much can i earn with Topline? 

The earnings potential is between $5-$20 per month,it depends mostly on how much you surf.The more you browse,the more points you get,and the more points you have ,the more cash you get paid.

 How much are points worth? 

Points values rise and fall according to how much the Topline network receives from advertisers.Remember that you are doing absolutely nothing more than you would normally do surfing the web.

 How do i get Paid?

You can ask for your payment when your balance reaches $10.Payment is made direct to your Paypal account


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tips on affiliate marketing

You have probably heard of affiliate marketers. Most of us have. However, very few of us understands what, exactly, an affiliate marketer is, let alone what one is expected to do. When you are such a marketer, you basically have a business relationship with a service provider, a merchant, et cetera, wherein you have permission to link to them, their site, their business, what have you. This means that you have a web site, with links to your partner's business. If a customer purchases something from your business partner, then you actually get paid. This is a commission based kind of business arrangement. You might get a standard commission, a fee for referring business, or a standard pay per click fee.

Many people on the Internet have such business arrangements and they can be very lucrative. The smart affiliate marketer knows how to pull in customers for his or her business affiliate, to make the most of the products he or she is helping to sale. It is easy to be good at this, but when you are a novice, there are quite a few things you need to know first. It is easy to run into problems if you are not vigilant. For instance, a lot of people make the mistake of starting at the ending -- they go into this thinking they are going to make tons of money right off the bat. Quite the contrary, your first bit of business needs to be finding someone with whom you can do business.

As clearly inferred in the above paragraph, earning money actually comes at the ending. Educating yourself is the first step. These are, of course, not the only two steps, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. You cannot go into any endeavor blindly, especially when it is a business endeavor. So, let's go through the ideal process that will actually let you make money as an affiliate marketer.

The first step is, of course, getting an education in this business. This does not necessarily mean taking classes or anything, it simply means keeping yourself informed. Read books, read articles online, read blogs -- read anything that will be helpful, especially if it has been written by another marketer who has been successful.

The second step is using what you learn for yourself. You have to translate it into a good business plan that will work for you. Knowledge is one thing; knowing what to do with it is quite another. If you are not willing to put what you know to good use, then this may not be the industry for you.

The third step involves putting what you know into application. You have to be active. That means building up your business and searching for good affiliates. Understand from the onset, however, that mistakes are natural. You may make some, but actually, you should not look at them as mistakes. You definitely should not look at them as failures. Instead, you should look at them as just another learning experience, an opportunity to improve your business.

Last but not least, you simply have to keep trying to find what works best for you. You need to tweak and polish your affiliate business. You need to constantly strive for improvement.