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Friday, 21 September 2012

A simple Add-on that earns you money each day

Topline is a browser add-on for your browser that rewards you for your time you spend surfing the web.By installing this extension to your Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser you generate points that convert to cash.With the Topline add-on installed you will start earning real money by surfing as you usually do without noticing any difference.The concept of earning money with Topline is simple:
 After you download the Topline extension you will start earning from Toplines ad network revenue share because this add-on replaces advertisements on the web pages you visit with the Topline network advertisements. Advertisers pay them,and Topline shares that revenue with you.

 How much can i earn with Topline? 

The earnings potential is between $5-$20 per month,it depends mostly on how much you surf.The more you browse,the more points you get,and the more points you have ,the more cash you get paid.

 How much are points worth? 

Points values rise and fall according to how much the Topline network receives from advertisers.Remember that you are doing absolutely nothing more than you would normally do surfing the web.

 How do i get Paid?

You can ask for your payment when your balance reaches $10.Payment is made direct to your Paypal account