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Sunday, 15 September 2013

#BLOGGERS #EBAY sellers Whatever you are promoting online you need this!

If you use traffic exchanges and don't use Easy Hits 4U, I don't know why not... They are very reputable and have been around for years. Their membership base boasts about three quarters a million. Of course, not all those members are active, but they do have a significant active membership base. Often at peak hours when I surf there are over 2000 active members on the network. Even at  non-peak times there are never fewer than 500 people surfing in my own personal experience. When you consider many traffic exchanges have only a couple dozen or even a couple hundred active members surfing at any given time, Easy Hits 4U is significantly better on this alone.You can use the credits you earn in a number of ways, promote your blog posts(you can even get geo targeted traffic from a specified country) or maybe you wish to promote your affiliate links,some people even promote items on E-Bay.

* Thousands of active members surfing at any given time means more exposure and unique hits for your website, resulting in more progress

* Hundreds (if not thousands) of new members weekly echoes the previous statement

 * Ability to geo-target your hits

 * High surf ratio

 * Great referral incentives and bonuses

 * Guaranteed bonuses (when you click on the bonus page) every x number of page views (the first hundred views gives a bonus every 25 pages)

 * A small amount of extra spending change every month while you promote your main bonus, a nice little incentive (every 1000 page views you earn 30 cents, or 3 cents every 100 page views, and it doesn't have to be in one session)

 * Great security system for assuring sites are safe to surf

 * Surfing contests

 * Payout is only at $3.00, so it's very attainable and they pay within hours

 * Active and real time stats displayed in your surf window so you can keep track of how many sites you've viewed daily, how many credits you've earned, etc. Bonuses:

 * 10 cents per referral ... Doesn't sound like much? If you're great at referring and can just get 5 members per week, this equates to $2 per month from referral efforts alone. Stack on top of that how much you earn from surfing. Chump change just for promoting your best opportunities and getting dozens of referrals for THAT each week!

 * Surf drawing tickets to win a daily prize. (Note: with this you don't need to surf a billion sites to be in the running like at some TE's. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win) In Summary Free traffic certainly sounds good to me. If they want to pay me a small amount to do it, hey even better! The Best Traffic Exchange